Meet the Committee

Who's who in the Fellowship

The Fellowship is organised into Regions, who elect their own Secretary, who are part of the National Committee. To hold it all together we also elect National Officers every two years. Former Chairmen also sit on the National Committee, so we can gain from their wisdom and experience (???)

And here they are:


Welcome to the Fellowship of Christian Motorcyclists; a collection of motorcyclists who mostly want to be at church on a Sunday when other motorcycle clubs have their events. The Fellowship is in its 5th decade now, and I am honoured to be its chairman at this time. I have been a member since shortly after getting my licence in 1995, and have enjoyed many wonderful events full of fun and laughter, food and education in those years, and look forward to many more to come. We hope you will join us on an event soon

Nicky Partridge.
National Chairman.
March 2017

If you have any questions about "Giving your life to the Lord", or "Baptism, or anything else about Christianity, then please feel free to get in touch with us and we will try to explain it (or put you in touch with someone who can).

National Secretary

Hi, my name is Ric Pirson (pronounced "person") but I'm more often known as Perce. I was born the youngest of six boys, in Middlesex to a motorcycling family.
It's no wonder then that my first bike (of sorts!) came along at my 16th birthday. A Puch Maxi moped. 49cc of raw power! With pedals for extra go! My 17th saw me taking delivery of a brand new blue CZ 175. Eighteen months of commuting into central London saw two accidents, which I & the CZ survived and then the acquisition of a Triumph TR6R, basically a single carb Bonnie, with a Morgo 750cc conversion. It went like the clappers!
Next up was my second brand new bike, a Moto-Morini Strada 500 in steel grey. It was wonderful, so long as the weather was above 4 degrees C, Below that the carbs would ice-up open! Sadly Harrods were not so impressed with the Morini and drove one of their vans over it & me in Knightsbridge. I survived the bike didn't. Next on parade, for 22 years, came a Honda CX500.
Although my ownership of the CX lasted 22 years, I didn't actually have it in my keeping all that time. When finances didn't allow the luxury of the bike, it was lent to a mate who needed it. When it came home it was 7 years older and in a rather sorry state. No matter, I spent far more than it was worth on it and the return of the "grin factor" was complete. 1st September 2001 brought a very clean and shiny Bonneville into my life. Many will testify that since that date I have done all in my power to cure the shininess and it's now generally known as the "great unwashed Triumph".
My Christian life is no less an exciting journey. I first made a commitment at Sunday school at 7 years old and promptly forgot all about it. Moving on from that Church to another where the Cubs met, it was not until I was 21 that I realised all they were telling me about Jesus was true.

Richard (Perce) Pirson.
National Secretary.
March 2017


I'm Elaine and have just been re-elected as FCM treasurer, and am happy to say that we are still solvent. Obviously there was no time off for good conduct! My uncle introduced me to motorcycling by buying me a "twist & go" moped - then I was hooked. I passed my test and soon bought myself a Honda 750.

Elaine Thomson.
March 2017

Membership Secretary

My name is Sally Rice and I am the Membership Secretary for the fellowship. I am a Maths Teacher (Secondary) in the Suffolk area, but I hail from South East London.
I started to ride on an old Honda SS50, moved up to a Yamaha RXS100 and now currently ride a Kawasaki GT 550.

Sally Rice.
Membership Secretary.
March 2017

Publicity Officer

I am currently a vacant post, waiting for some keen member of the Fellowship to fill. Any takers, please see the National Secretary who will be more than pleased to tell you all about the job.

I M Vacant.
Publicity Officer.
March 2017


My name is Tim Rice and I'm the Editor for the monthly magazine of the fellowship. I get to put together our magazine Trans:Mission which contains all the latest run adverts and reports from completed runs and generally helps the Fellowship know was has and is happening.
I have been riding bikes since I was 16, starting off on a NSU Quickly moped. It may not have been stylish, but it was fun! Living and working in the London area makes travelling around on two wheels quite important (if you want to know you can get somewhere in a certain time) so the only breaks in my motorcycling career have been due to finance. Recent changes in my work means that I get the occasional blast around Kent and Sussex at company expense (sorry, to attend client meetings,)
Having joined the Fellowship in 1996, it wasn't until around 2000 that I was able to join in on runs (2 young children taking up a lot of time plus no working bike - it died soon after I joined). Since then, it has been ride after ride of fun and fellowship, gaining friends that you know you can rely on. Being able to share our Christian faith during these events is the icing on the cake. Some outings are tours around the countryside, some to sites ranging from industrial / motor museums to bird sanctuaries and anything in between. We've even organised trips on the Continent. Food is usually liberally mixed in, so if you join us an a run I would be surprised if you went away disappointed.
When I get out on the road it has been on my Triumph Trident 900, with some 60,000 miles covered, although I sometimes use my daughter's Kawasaki GT 550 to keep it running (she's getting soft and likes her car!!). This is now been "upgraded" to a Triumph Trophy 900 - only slightly younger, but with a lot less miles on the clock. Being keen on staying in one piece, I am currently undergoing advanced rider training in the hope that I can pass an advanced test on two wheels.
My wife and I are members at a local Grace Baptist Church in Thamesmead.
Hope to see you on a run at some point through the year.

Tim Rice.
March 2017


After filling a number of committee posts I find myself doing another one. I joined the Fellowship in 1989 and became Essex Region Secretary about 5 minutes later. (It felt like that even if it wasn't actually that fast). Since then I have been Editor, Publicity Officer, joint BMF Rep with my wife, and National Chairman. Some of us seem to have 'committee member' stamped in our genes. I am filling the post of BMF Rep for this year but as I'm off on my bike to ride the length of the Pan-American Highway (from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego) in 2018 some-one else will be doing this job next year. I got my first bike, a Honda C90 Cub, in March 1975 and have been riding ever since. The longest break I have had was in 2000, following a head-on collision with a car, when I was without a bike for 4 months. But since I couldn't ride due to breaking both wrists I'm not sure that counts. I currently ride a BMW F800GS; my third GS and sixth BMW; but am also, on occasion, able to ride my wife's Honda CB500X. Church wise I am in limbo as the Methodist church we have been attending has ceased to meet and we aren't sure where we will settle. I got the nickname of 'SuperTed' a number of years ago after I became hooked on a kid's cartoon about a flying, teddy bear, superhero. Yes, I do know that's pathetic; if you ask nicely I can still sing the theme tune. So that's me. I hope to see you on a run somewhere. It doesn't matter what you ride, or how big it is, its being out there riding that counts.

Stephen SuperTed Thomson
BMF Rep.
July 2017

Web Master

My name is Stewart Rice and I am the Web Master for the Fellowship. Any problems with this site end up with me 'cos I built it!
We are constantly trying to add new features to the site so, if you do have a problem, or would like to suggest an improvement, then let me know.

Stewart Rice.
Web Master.
March 2017